ASR Guided Pathways

There is no "one size fits all" solution for colleges implementing Guided Pathways.

Your student population, organizational culture, and information systems are all unique. ASR's methodology and approach to Guided Pathways leverage the technology and data that you already have in place to better understand your students' success and risk factors. This perspective reduces implementation time and cost and minimizes the learning curve for faculty and staff, so they can focus on serving your students.

ASR's custom data models and depth of experience integrating and applying data provide the information you need to:

guided pathways principle 1.png


  • discover the driving forces and goals behind your institution's commitment to Guided Pathways
guided pathways principle 3.png


  • align academic and cocurricular programs with economic opportunities and student needs
guided pathways principle 4.png
  • guide students toward resources that will ensure their success, and provide advisors with leading indicators to help monitor students and keep them on path, e.g. developmental education placement, enrollment, credit momentum, and completion rates
guided pathways principle 2.png
  • inform advisors with leading indicators and measure the success advising processes and intervention initiatives
guided pathways principle 5.png
  • analyze LMS outcomes for mastery of core general education competencies


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