Financial Aid Dashboards

Student-Centered Funding: A new way to manage FA!

One of the top reasons students don't complete--or sometimes even start--their college educations is the cost of attendance. Applying for and understanding financial aid can be daunting, and students often fall through the cracks, including those who need the most support.

ASR developed financial aid dashboards focus on key metrics to:

  • support student-centered funding
  • target awarding efforts
  • improve access and affordability for diverse student populations

The data model and dashboards present insights into outcomes for:

  • managing financial aid applications
  • awarding aid
  • identifying unmet need

This comprehensive approach to financial aid data and analysis was built in partnership with community college financial aid officers. Select institutions are partnering with ASR to pilot these dashboards, including Contra Costa Community College District (CA) and County College of Morris (NJ).

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