Data Governance

Data governance provides the structure necessary for institutional agreement on data definitions and business logic. Building a data warehouse and establishing data governance have a symbiotic relationship; one without the other can result in projects without direction and disappointment in the outcomes.

A comprehensive BI solution is more than just data warehousing.

The foundation of success for an analytics solution is an understanding of the data available for analysis. This is the goal of data governance: Developing a shared understanding of your data and the processes behind using it. A data governance strategy brings order to chaos; provides clear definitions of roles, responsibilities, and processes; creates accountability for information quality; and minimizes re-work.


ASR has a comprehensive approach to leveraging the data warehouse development process to formalize your data governance strategy. Our analysts work with decision makers and organizational leaders in three key areas:

  • Identifying sources of knowledge
  • Documenting existing definitions and processes
  • Establishing governance roles

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