ASR Collections Accelerator

Efficiency in collection strategies is critical to state revenue agencies. The ASR Collections Accelerator is a suite of analytic tools that optimize efforts and strategies for revenue capture. This proven solution formulates analytic collection recommendations to identify the likelihood an account will pay. States gain operational efficiencies by reducing the focus on accounts that are more likely to self-cure, while applying appropriate action to those less likely to pay.

Benefits of the ASR Collections Accelerator include:

  • Identify Low Value Accounts – partition and cluster algorithms identify cases that are candidates for write-off or outside collection agencies.
  • Build a Self-cure Strategy – behavioral analytics select accounts that are most likely to self-cure.
  • Select Optimal Treatment – decision trees identify best course of action for each account.
  • Maximize Liability Recovery – propensity scoring algorithms identify accounts most likely to pay.
  • Adaptive Risk Assessment – machine learning algorithms continuously monitor portfolio to identify problem accounts before they become uncollectable.
  • Intuitive Reports – visualize your portfolio to support department activities.
  • Flexible – ingests data from any source.
  • Unlimited – every return is analyzed.
  • Platform independent – compatible with any environment.

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