ASR Audit Optimizer

Compliance efforts for state revenue agencies are often resource intensive, broad, and sophisticated in scope. The ASR Audit Optimizer is a suite of analytic tools that collect data and produce insights to support the development of improved methods for identifying non-compliant taxpayers. These data populate audit scorecards that empower auditors to make better decisions faster.

Benefits of the ASR Audit Optimizer include:


  • Sales and Use Tax Compliance – clustering algorithms detect the most likely non-compliant taxpayers.
  • Corporate Audit Selection - ensemble modeling identifies indicators and artifacts associated with non-compliant filers.
  • Individual Audit Selection – machine learning algorithms find activities and events associated with underreporting.
  • Pass Through Entity Network Analytics - complex correlation analysis uncovers areas of non-compliance.
  • Zapper Data Mining – big data analytics for Point of Sale transactions.
  • Intuitive Reports – visualize your portfolio to support department activities.
  • Flexible – ingests data from any source.
  • Unlimited – every return is analyzed.
  • Platform independent – compatible with any environment.

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