SSA Finance

Understanding the state of finances is critical to the health of the institution. SSA Finance Analytics provides general ledger and purchasing information with current balances compared to budget, committed outlay, and comparisons to prior month and year periods to help you gain insights into specific departmental budgets or expense categories and identify spending patterns. This data is used to address business questions such as:

  • What is the trend in budget to actual expenditures with year-over-year comparison of variance? Are we on track to be within budget for the current fiscal year?
  • Where do we have opportunities to streamline purchases or combine spending into larger bulk orders, to negotiate lower prices and save money?
  • What is the trend in bad debt over the last five fiscal years? What are the sources of bad debt?
  • What reports do we need to prepare for auditors, such as registration charges, tuition rate tables, total payments to vendors, check registers, and PO statuses?
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