ASR Student Success Analytics

Student Success Analytics is a comprehensive data warehouse and analytics solution
designed to help institutions measure, manage, and distribute critical data and drive action.

The depth and breadth of data collected by colleges and universities creates challenges for measuring and monitoring performance. A robust data warehouse is the key to answering crucial business questions; finding patterns in current and historical trends across business areas; monitoring the success of programs, services, and institutional effectiveness; and supporting institutional leaders' focus on strategic questions and predictive analysis.

To address these needs, ASR developed Student Success Analytics (SSA). Our solution builds the foundation to improve your analysis of:

  • enrollment and retention
  • student, course, and faculty success
  • course and faculty utilization
  • employee data
  • fundraising
  • institutional and financial health

SSA Components:

SSA Admissions and Enrollment is designed to provide you with the information you need to optimize your recruitment strategies and identify enrollment trends. Our forecasting models help you predict applications, deposits, and enrollment figures.

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SSA Retention and Completion provides visibility for student progression across multiple demographic and academic attributes, including cohort populations. Our model incorporates degree audit data and institutional completions with enrollment and completion data from the National Student Clearinghouse. This produces an internal and external longitudinal picture of student outcomes over multiple years.

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SSA Finance Analytics provides visibility into your general ledger, budgets vs. actuals, encumbrances, and purchasing data. This view of your data helps you gain insight into specific departmental budgets or expense categories, to understand the state of institutional finances and prepare for audits.

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While your ERP HR system has a wealth of information on employee data, the information is organized in such a way that analysis is often a complex and frustrating endeavor. SSA Human Resources organizes position, wage, and benefits information the way that HR professionals need in order to analyze and present data to key constituents.

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