Visionary, A.I.-based Solutions For Tax

RevHub is series of flexible and modular solutions designed to support modern tax administration. Built with pervasive analytics, RevHub leverages Artificial Intelligence and robust data visualizations to support decision-making at all levels and improve efficiencies for today's tax agencies.

RevHub delivers the greatest opportunity to improve tax administration by:

  • Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide high‐quality service to taxpayers by addressing common taxpayer questions, concerns, and potential issues; develop targeted response strategies to improve compliance and reduce burden
  • Improving the collection and audit of public revenues with the aim of decreasing tax evasion, through automated Behavioral Analytics
  • Addressing criminal and fraudulent threats using data mining, trend analysis,
    Natural Language Processing
    (NLP), other contemporary analytical techniques
  • Using modern tools that simplify tax administration and address emerging tax issues

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