Government Contracting Vehicles

Government customers can access ASR's services through a wide range of easy-to-use government contracting vehicles. These include General Service Administration (GSA) schedule contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IDIQ). We have served as a prime contractor to clients across the Federal Government – including the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Labor, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs – as well as multiple federal and state agencies.

GSA Schedule Contracts

The General Services Administration has awarded ASR Analytics contract vehicles that enable federal, state, and local agencies to purchase a variety of services quickly, cost effectively, and with the best negotiated labor rates and contract terms.


Management, Organizational, Business Improvement Services (MOBIS):
Contract Number: GS-10F-0062R
Awarded Special Item Numbers: 874-1, 874-1RC, 874-7, 874-7RC

874-1 Consultation Services: ASR provides expert advice, assistance, guidance and counseling in support of agencies’ management, organizational and business improvement efforts. This includes studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts. These consultation services typically focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas: (1) organizational assessments; (2) performance measures and indicators; and (3) process and productivity improvement. ASR specializes in the delivery of consulting services that involve advanced analytic techniques and modeling, including predictive analytics, data mining, simulation modeling, and optimization modeling.


874-7 Program Integration and Project Management Services: ASR supports Government customers in the management and integration of programs and projects. These services include, but are not limited to: program management, program oversight, project management and program integration. GSA Advantage website.


Information Technology (IT Schedule 70):
Contract Number: GS-35F-450AA
Awarded Special Item Number: 132-51

132-51 Information Technology Professional Services: ASR provides expertise in database planning and design, systems analysis and design, programming, conversion and implementation support, and project management and oversight, with a unique focus on data and analytics. GSA Advantage website.


Performance Management/Continuous Process Improvement (PM/CPI):
Contract Number: GS-10F-AA091

As part of a Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA) with Grant Thornton, ASR Analytics was awarded a government-wide BPA to provide Performance Management / Continuous Process Improvement services. The vehicle, valued at approximately $60 million and covering a period of five years, is designed to offer federal agencies a resource for leading Performance Management / Continuous Process Improvement needs, and to meet the needs expressed by the Federal Improvement Team and the Performance Improvement Council. All federal agencies may use the BPA.

Federal IDIQ and BPA Contracts


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) BPA for Non-IT Research Consulting
Contract Number: TIRNO-15-Z-00016

This IRS awarded this 5-year, multiple-award BPA (through April 13, 2020) to obtain expert guidance and support with strategic, technical, and program management tasks. The contract scope includes the following categories of professional services: Statistical Analysis, Business Metrics, Business Process Improvement, Organizational Studies, Strategic Planning and Support, Concept of Operations, Meeting Facilitation, Communication Plans, Goal Setting, and Instructional Design. The contract is managed by the IRS Office of Research, Analysis, and Statistics (RAS), but can be used by customers across the IRS.

Financial Services (a.k.a., TARP Financial Services Omnibus)
Contract Number: TOFS-11-D-0001

The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) is responsible for the management and administration of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) established under EESA, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. ASR's TARP Financial Services Omnibus vehicle is a multiple award IDIQ contract which includes the following categories of professional services: Organizational Design and Maintenance; Systems Requirements, Life-Cycle Planning, Development, and IV&V; Credit Reform Modeling and IV&V; Accounting; Program Compliance; Internal Controls; and Document Management. Access to use the TARP Financial Services Omnibus is not limited to the Treasury Office of Financial Stability (OFS), but is available to other Treasury Offices and/or Bureaus. 

State IDIQ and BPA Contracts

Ohio State Term Schedule (STS)

The Ohio Term Contract is a master agreement that allows Ohio state and local government agencies to purchase ASR solutions and services. The State of Ohio recognizes the advantages of doing business with ASR under a State term contract as a qualified vendor providing a variety of solutions. The Term Contract pricing is based on negotiated prices on ASR's GSA IT-70 Schedule.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Invitation to Qualify (ITQ)

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded ASR Analytics, LLC a contract for ITQ Consulting Services under the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) program. The approved service categories include Accounting Services, Fraud Detection, and Identity Validation.

This contract allows Commonwealth agencies and localities to contract with ASR to conduct various types of analyses (e.g., program or tax requirements, business processes, data of program applicants or tax filers) in order to detect anomalies such as identity fraud, understated or unreported income, overstated tax credits, and overstated claimed program benefits.

The consulting engagements may involve analyses of agency information (internal or external) including economic, demographic, and financial data. In addition, engagements will likely implement quantitative modeling methods using state-of-the-art statistical techniques, software, and hardware.