icon16.pngRevhub threat monitor

Strengthen internal control policies, processes and procedures


Detect, prevent and manage internal noncompliance and fraud with speed and precision. Security breaches do not always come from nefarious actors in another country. In fact, over 50% of data breaches come from within an organization.  This is problematic because insiders often have authorized access – both online and physical – to organizational systems and these breaches are not always intentional. There are several keys to effective fraud prevention, but some of the most important tools in the corporate toolbox are strong internal controls. Equally important, though, are the company's attitude towards fraud, internal controls, and an ethical organizational culture. 

RevHub Threat Monitor strengthens internal control policies, processes, and procedures to make companies a less attractive target to both internal and external criminals seeking to exploit weaknesses. Utilizing fraud risk assessments, independent audit committees, and effective reporting procedures, the threat monitor prevents and deters fraud from going undetected.


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