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Get more value using analytics in your call center


Revenue department call centers have been slow in the adoption of advanced analytics and AI to improve call center operations. Reporting tools masquerade as analytics and merely describe the current state with no actionable insights. Your department needs to introduce powerful, domain-specific analytic tools to drive better taxpayer services and customer experiences at lower cost.

Despite the myriad business intelligence tools in the market, most contact centers still depend on excel spreadsheets for tracking key performance indicators (KPI). Insights are still driven by each person’s interpretation of canned reports and are anecdotal at best. These tools are expensive, resource intensive, and are not built keeping in mind the specific needs of taxpayers. RevHub allows our customers to transform themselves into agile, analytically-savvy and data-driven engagement hubs. With RevHub Call Center Calibrator analytics capabilities, revenue agencies can stay ahead of the curve.


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