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Colleges and universities are charged with increasing accountability for student outcomes, while demonstrating value in the face of rising costs and student debt. Data-savvy institutions confront these challenges with targeted strategies supported by analytics.

We help institutions understand and use their data to make better decisions.

From connection to completion, your institution collects a substantial amount of data about the student lifecycle. We help you make sense of that data in order to:

  • Support students through recruitment and onboarding
  • Identify predictor and risk categories for student success and completion obstacles
  • Define, design, and measure actionable interventions to increase their impact
  • Ensure maximum resource utilization
  • Holistically monitor the health of the institution


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ASR BI Assessment

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ASR Analytics Assessment ASR Guided Pathways ASR Student Success Analytics

Through our independent interviews and evaluation, we document your institution's current state of analytic readiness and recommend actions for improvement.

Our Guided Pathways solution helps you understand the factors behind success and risk, minimizing the learning curve for faculty and staff so they can focus on their students.

Our comprehensive longitudinal data warehouse and analytics approach measures, manages, and distributes critical data and visualizations across multiple business areas.

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BI Briefing for Executives Data Governance Training

Our briefings give executives insight into the value of business intelligence for your organization.

Our analysts work with your decision makers and organizational leaders to formalize your data governance strategy.

ASR provides an engaging environment to increase skills in reporting and data analysis, visualization, and data literacy.


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