State and Local Government

ASR specializes in the development and deployment of analytic methods to tax system administration and compliance. ASR has helped clients identify and prevent fraud using predictive analytics, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. We combine industry expertise, information technology best practices, and predictive analytics across multiple disciplines to deliver measurable value to our clients.

ASR's solutions help clients find fraud fast and understand their risk exposure to fraud. We understand all aspects of implementing practical fraud solutions including business rules, data governance, data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining, and data visualization. ASR's staff includes economists and statisticians, as well as experienced programmers, survey researchers, and data scientists.

Benefits of ASR's approach include:

  • Identification of opportunities for fraud detection and revenue recovery
  • Identification and reduction of noncompliance before releasing funds
  • Reduction of false positives through predictive analytics
  • Data-driven prioritization of cases for limited staff resources
  • Implementation of analytic models based on detailed business rules and best practices
  • Automated tools to combine, review, and correct for data inconsistencies
  • Identification of new and developing fraud "clusters" or patterns in near-real time
  • Built-in functionality to visualize data and drill-down through the data
  • Ability to create ad-hoc reports, with or without editing code

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