Federal Government

If there is one unifying imperative across the Federal Government, it is the need to do more with less. Now more than ever, government agencies are looking to optimize their performance through the use of decision management, data science, and advanced analytics. ASR works with government clients to develop decision support systems, strategies, and programs that enhance organizational performance, support regulatory compliance, and enable mission achievement.


Improve Strategic and Operational Decisions

  • Build evidence-based intelligence models to drive informed management decisions.
  • Develop simulation and optimization models to achieve organizational missions through better-targeted resource utilization.

Prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

  • Analyze social networks and geospatial data to help detect and prevent tax fraud.
  • Develop and implement business rules to help identify and respond to suspicious activity.

Quantify and Manage Risk

  • Apply statistical methods to validate complex financial estimates and credit risk models.
  • Advise and counsel senior leadership on enterprise risk identification and management.
  • Support and operationalize compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Optimize Processes and Performance

  • Evaluate program processes and outcomes to assess performance against defined goals.
  • Objectively recommend cost-effective improvements to streamline and automate operations.
  • Design repeatable processes and scalable tools to achieve greater operational resiliency.

Government Contracting Vehicles

ASR holds multiple BPA and IDIQ contract vehicles with the Federal Government, including both GSA contracts (MOBIS, IT-70) and several agency-specific contracts. Visit our Government Contracting Vehicles page for more details.

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