Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions from ASR are reinventing the way businesses operate. Now more than ever, businesses are looking to optimize performance through the use of AI. ASR has been leveraging AI across industries for years, demonstrating value and a commitment to continuous improvement. AI is not an “add on” to a business – it is fundamental to all aspects of an organization. Partnering with ASR gives your company the power of AI to build and advance your business.


Manufacturers continue to look to AI to increase efficiency and avoid costly errors. AI can improve in-process safety and quality control, or rectify problems before they occur by automatically identifying patterns in sensor data from industrial systems. AI can analyze text data from service reports, maintenance records, customer comments, and safety reports to improve service and reduce risk. ASR builds AI solutions that incorporate machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to help organizations evolve and improve.


AI is being rapidly embraced by banking and finance to transform the industry. ASR AI solutions can predict, optimize, and manage multi-mode communication channels to improve the customer experience and reduce churn. AI can score and make real-time decisions on credit screening and automate many back-end processes. The power of ASR AI makes meaningful differences in fraud prevention and detection by identifying schemes and bad actors in real-time, significantly reducing pay-and-chase.


As the healthcare industry continues to create, capture, and share a wealth of available data, AI will play an instrumental role in helping to improve efficiencies and reduce costs across the healthcare landscape.

ASR AI gives providers and institutions the ability to leverage data into targeted, preventive care. By providing a platform to access and sift through data to find previously hidden patterns and insights, AI is becoming an integral part of how healthcare providers find actionable insights to treat patients.

ASR’s AI solutions can help control costs by improving hospital operational performance through the automation of pre-authorizations, predictive denial management, and the optimization of capitation contracts.

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