Business Intelligence

The installation and configuration of an enterprise business intelligence (BI) solution requires meticulous detail and an understanding of a broad array of technologies. Today's business intelligence platforms are now an integration hub for data and transactional systems across an organization. At the same time, decision makers (end-users) have come to rely on the information these systems provide every day. To ensure a reliable information delivery platform and avoid costly reconfiguration, the system must be installed and configured right – the first time.

As part of our BI Installation Services, ASR will:

  • Assess your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations for BI deployment.
  • Architect a sustainable Business Intelligence Framework that meshes with existing enterprise technologies.
  • Install your chosen BI platform according to vendor specifications and our own best practice methodology.
  • Configure appropriate connection technologies (ODBC, JDBC, native drivers, etc.) to existing data sources.
  • Establish a security and data access regime consistent with data governance policies.
  • Configure users and groups within the BI platform.
  • Install and configure required third-party software (e.g. web server software, run-time, and development environments).
  • Validate and test the configuration, including access to data sources.
  • Provide or recommend training for staff in order to manage and maintain the BI platform and infrastructure.

ASR has experience and expertise installing:

  • SAS Business Intelligence Platform
  • SAP Business Objects Enterprise Platform
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • SPSS Base and Clementine

ASR also provides strategy services, working with your executive leadership team and other appropriate individuals to architect an approach to analytics and business intelligence that is tailored to your organization's needs. Our industry strategy experts will help you navigate complex organizational structures, identify redundant business processes, and explore the capabilities of the technologies that you already have available, all while bearing in mind the organization's mission and desired outcomes.

As part of our BI Strategy services, ASR will:

  • Present to your key decision makers about organizational alignment through the application of business intelligence.
  • Assess your organization's business intelligence capability.
  • Architect a sustainable Business Intelligence Framework that meshes with existing enterprise technologies.
  • Develop a road-map for business intelligence initiatives according to your organizational priorities.
  • Evaluate business intelligence tools for suitability within your technology plan.
  • Create a sustainable BI governance plan.

For those clients with a successful BI implementation already in place, ASR provides expert support services.

As part of our BI Support services, ASR will:

  • Develop end-user reports and visualizations using your existing BI artifacts.
  • Extend, optimize, and enhance your data models, including data marts, data warehouses, and OLAP cubes.
  • Monitor your BI platform usage patterns and offer solutions to any issues.
  • Provide technical support, including BI platform software updates.
  • Mentor and instruct technical staff as needed.

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