Excelsior College Benefits From ASR's Student Success Analytics Platform

Jul 30, 2019

Potomac, MD

After a collaborative implementation and testing process, Excelsior College went live this month on ASR’s Student Success Analytics (SSA) platform. This solution supports the college’s efforts to more accurately and efficiently utilize data in the decision making and planning processes. The platform consolidates and manages data from a variety of internal and external sources while providing key internal stakeholders improved management of planning and operations at the college.

In the first week of live operations, Dan Schuldt, Excelsior's Director of Business Intelligence Architecture, noted the wide adoption of key management dashboards to improve data analysis. Furthermore, a request to adapt an existing analysis of course section efficiency took an hour using SSA; previously, constructing the same analysis would have taken days. “The comprehensive, integrated data structure has allowed us to naturally explore data from multiple perspectives and time frames without having to create or rebuild underlying data structures.” said Dan.

ASR worked with Excelsior to ensure SSA addressed the unique needs of fully-online education focused on adult learners including the flexible intake and enrollment structures. SSA's data models, reports, analytics, and visualizations also help the college understand a consistent view of data over time as business processes and data definitions have changed.

SSA is a versatile and extensible framework developed by ASR based on years of real-world application and experience with numerous institutions of higher education. SSA provides comparative, longitudinal analysis at consistent points in time across multiple business areas: student recruiting, enrollment, retention, progression, success, completion, and delivery efficiency. Financial and Human Resource analysis is also available.

ASR congratulates the entire Excelsior team on this achievement and looks forward to continuing this productive and successful analytics journey together.


About Excelsior College:

Excelsior College (excelsior.edu) is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit online college focused on helping adults complete their degrees and advance their careers. The college contributes to the development of a diverse, educated, and career-ready society by valuing lifelong learning with an emphasis on serving individuals historically underrepresented in higher education. Founded in 1971, Excelsior meets students where they are – academically and geographically – removing obstacles to the educational goals of adults pursuing continuing education and degree completion. Our pillars include innovation, flexibility, academic excellence, and integrity. Learn more at excelsior.edu.


About ASR:

ASR Analytics, LLC (ASR) is a GSA-certified small business that provides analytic consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors. Founded in 2004, ASR has quickly developed a reputation for thought leadership in the business intelligence (BI) and policy research community, by helping our clients to make better decisions through the integration, validation, and analysis of their operational data. ASR's staff includes PhD economists and statisticians, as well as experienced analytics programmers, BI implementation specialists, and data warehouse developers. ASR has leveraged these capabilities to deliver outstanding results for clients across the government and higher education markets, in particular serving two year and four year as well as public and private institutions.





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