ASR Joins Catalyst:Ed Expert Hub

Aug 18, 2020

ASR is pleased to announce that our Higher Education practice has been invited to join the Catalyst:Ed expert hub, recognizing our expertise in data administration and performance measurement in postsecondary education. Catalyst:Ed will match experts like ASR with organizations receiving funding through a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative called Intermediaries for Scale, to support the grantees’ efforts to increase equity in student success outcomes and improve the use of data for informed decision making. We look forward to working with these organizations to help them innovate and scale their best practices and drive transformation within higher education.

About ASR

ASR Analytics, LLC (ASR) is a GSA-certified small business that provides analytic consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors. Founded in 2004, ASR has quickly developed a reputation for thought leadership in the business intelligence (BI) and policy research community, by helping our clients to make better decisions through the integration, validation, and analysis of their operational data. ASR's staff includes PhD economists and statisticians, as well as experienced analytics programmers, BI implementation specialists, and data warehouse developers. ASR has leveraged these capabilities to deliver outstanding results for clients across the government and higher education markets, in particular serving two-year and four-year as well as public and private institutions.

About Catalyst Ed

Catalyst:Ed is on a mission to change the way education organizations envision, access and leverage expertise. We connect schools, school districts and nonprofits with vetted, experienced and expert professionals for short-term, mission-critical needs. More than just a marketplace for education consulting services, we work to ensure that every project is set up for success through practices and tools that help us pinpoint the needs of organizations and match them with professionals who are the right fit.


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