Sep 16, 2019

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Small Business and Self-Employed division (SB/SE) awarded a contract to ASR Analytics, LLC to further develop an internal business intelligence tool for nonfilers. The solution provides SB/SE with a dashboard for measuring the ongoing, long-term impact of IRS's nonfiler programs. This 10-month award extends ASR's involvement on this project, which began in September 2018 with an initial, six-month effort.

SB/SE's mission is to help small business and self-employed taxpayers understand and meet their tax obligations, while applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all. Its strategic focus includes managing nonfiler programs for individuals and businesses, which seek to close a nonfiler tax gap of approximately $32 billion per year.

By combining our tax data knowledge and business intelligence expertise, ASR will improve the ability of SB/SE executives and stakeholders to measure and optimize program effectiveness across all nonfiler populations.

ASR Analytics, LLC specializes in the development and deployment of analytic methods to tax system administration and compliance. ASR has helped clients identify and prevent fraud using predictive analytics, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. We combine industry expertise, information technology best practices, and predictive analytics across multiple disciplines to deliver measurable value to our clients. For more information about ASR’s enterprise platform for tax analytics, check out our RevHub page.