Using Data Science to Improve Tax Compliance and Administration: ASR Awarded BPA Contract under $161M IRS DAIS Vehicle

Dec 06, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of Research, Applied Analytics and Statistics (RAAS) awarded a five-year, $161M Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract to ASR Analytics, LLC, under the unrestricted track of the Data Analytics and Innovation Support (DAIS) vehicle. IRS will use the DAIS vehicle to obtain a range of consulting services to strategically improve tax compliance and internal operations through research, data-driven analysis, and predictive modeling.

ASR is honored to be the only small business to receive an award under the unrestricted track of DAIS, and we are excited to continue and expand our nearly 15-year partnership with the IRS’s RAAS organization. Specific areas of focus under the BPA include:

  • Authentication, Identity Theft and Fraud Protection
  • Compliance Program Analytics and Process Improvement
  • Examination Selection and Process Analytics Support
  • Taxpayer Behavioral Studies
  • Emerging Compliance Issues and Analytic Techniques

ASR specializes in the development and deployment of analytic methods to tax system administration and compliance. ASR has helped clients identify and prevent fraud using predictive analytics, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. We combine industry expertise, information technology best practices, and predictive analytics across multiple disciplines to deliver measurable value to our clients. For more information about ASR’s enterprise platform for tax analytics, check out our RevHub page.