ASR Providing a Modern Solution for the Wage and Investment Division at the IRS using Text Analytics

Nov 08, 2018

ASR Analytics, LLC, a firm specializing in fraud detection, decision management, risk analysis, and performance optimization ( is working with the IRS’s Wage and Investment (W&I) division to improve taxpayer service, increase compliance, and deliver greater operational efficiency through the use of text analytics.

The IRS has over 460 million interactions with taxpayers through digital, telephone, in-person and mail correspondence. The agency is tasked with providing customers with the information, support and assistance they need to understand and fulfill their tax obligations. W&I’s approach to serving taxpayers has three major components: education, processing, and compliance. ASR is working with W&I and the IRS Office of Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics (RAAS) to identify opportunities for using data-driven insights to achieve the IRS’s mission of providing taxpayers with top-quality service and supporting voluntary compliance.

ASR’s Text Analytics Solution analyzes structured and unstructured data from multiple sources using methods such as natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, topic modeling, topic networks, feature extraction, and machine learning. Using modern distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark, ASR develops recommendations and augments processes that allow W&I to better serve taxpayers. Any government agency that needs to make more informed, data-driven decisions can benefit from ASR’s methodologies and solutions.