Analytics Paves the Road for Customer Journey

Mar 04, 2019

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations are harnessing the power of analytics to grow revenue, reduce churn, and improve the customer experience. Analytics provides powerful insights into the customer journey by answering key questions such as:

  • How do you obtain customers?
  • What keeps the customers coming back?
  • How future interactions can keep them loyal to a brand?

Customer journey analytics is the tracking and analyzing of every touchpoint that a customer interacts with, across multiple channels and over time.This is especially useful information for marketing and customer service agencies who are seeking to create a more personalized, efficient, and engaged customer experience.

Using real-time, behavior-driven data, tracking a customer’s journey across multi-event and multi-channel interaction with a company, the unique customer experience is changing the way companies interact with consumers. Using data from every available data source, organizations can get a complete view of the customer’s journey. The key to a successful customer journey experience is the clear understanding of a goal for the customer. Once a goal has been established, the use of a customer journey map allows companies to create an archetype of a typical customer and their story with a company.

Results from the use of a customer journey map will include:

  • Boosting customer acquisition
  • Increasing retention
  • Growing revenue
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increasing Marketing ROI

Industry leaders who are using data-driven experience management tools to track a customer’s journey have highlighted benefits including faster time to decisions, a more comprehensive common enterprise view of customers, more confidence in their decisions by managers and employees, and greater collaboration between departments. Applying customer journey analytics is key to improving the customer experience and driving brand loyalty. By visualizing and mapping the customer journey, optimizing the right journey attributes to increase yields, enabling marketers to identify bottlenecks, and leveraging actual customer behavior data, organizations are better equipped to make data-driven decisions and personalize the experience for each customer. The use of the right customer journey analytics gives organizations insight into their customers, in terms of the bigger picture, so companies know who their customers are, what their goals are, what they want, and which channels they are utilizing to interact with their company at every step of their journey.

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